General Update

ACDA 2021, MusicSpoke “Meet the Composer”

ACDA 2021 is this weekend, March 18-20. Because it is all virtual this year, I am able to participate from Warsaw, PL. My “Pie Jesu” will be part of a virtual reading session on Saturday, March 20. Perusal scores and video playlist will be up for the rest of the year, and can be found here. I will also be at a “Meet the Composer” hour from 10-11 am Central time (US) on Saturday. All of this is being hosted by MusicSpoke as part of their booth. MusicSpoke’s mission is to support living composers and their work, and I’m thrilled to be among their composers. I hope to see some of you there!

Pie Jesu – MusicSpoke’s Score of the Week

The wonderful people at MusicSpoke have chosen my Pie Jesu as their “Score of the Week”, and posted a thoughtful review of the work over on their blog. I invite you to read it, when you have the time!

Score of the Week | Pie Jesu | Julia Seeholzer

There is a powerful beauty in repetition when it doesn’t cross the line into redundancy. I find it most powerful in musical contexts when…


Joining the MusicSpoke Roster

I’ve been waiting to post until my profile went live, and now it that it is, I can! I’m so excited to announce that I’ve recently joined the roster at MusicSpoke. MusicSpoke is a wonderfully innovative sheet music distribution platform created “by musicians, for musicians”. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to promote my scores to a larger network of conductors and performers, and to be part of such a welcoming, talented team. I have two pieces up at the moment, and will add more over the coming months. I hope you will visit my artist profile to see the pieces I have available, and I will keep you posted! I look forward to working with the MusicSpoke community.