Featured Works

Pie Jesu (SSA) 2016  Purchase at MusicSpoke

commissioned by Instytut Musica Sacra


Różowa Magia (Pink Magic) (SSA trio) 2019

performed by Jackie Stevens, Lauren McAllister, and Ellen Graham

Blessing of Aaron (SSA + SATB) 2015

commissioned by Santa Monica High School

Wildfire (SATB) 2012  Purchase at MusicSpoke

performed by RSVP

Other Works (please contact me for a perusal score)

Hodie Christus natus est (SATB + harp) 2017

Missa Brevis (SSA + organ; SATB + organ) 2017

Ave Maris Stella (SATB + SATB) 2015

Ave Maria (SATB) 2014 

Answer to the Inquiry Why I Sighed (SATB) 2013

Hay un Río Oscuro (SSAA) 2013

Old Wooden Joints (SATB) 2012