As a composer with extensive engraving experience, it’s only natural that those skills – attention to detail, consistency, and clarity – translate to the written word.

I’ll just say it – I’ve loved video games since I was a child. I was drawn in by the storytelling, the music, and the interactivity, and my love of games continues to this day. It’s part of why I founded and ran a choir that performed video game music while I was in college! Over the past few years, my enthusiasm for this medium has shifted from the musical to the written word, though I do still arrange game music on occasion.

I proofread and edit English text for a number of industries (academic, marketing, film), but my passion is games. I ensure that game text is clear, consistent, and enhances the narrative, from UI text to dialogue and everything in between. Past projects include The Thaumaturge, Octopus City Blues, Flooded, LEGO® Bricktales, Summer in Mara, The Witcher: Monster Slayer, South of the Circle, and Vampire: the Masquerade – Coteries of New York.

Why should you work with me? My proofreading experience and love for games ensure that I understand the context of in-game text, the technical requirements of the engine, and the necessary flexibility of the interactive medium. If you’d like to chat further, please get in touch.