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World of Warcraft Suite

It’s been too long since I last worked with the wonderful Videri String Quartet. Over the summer, Rosie Samter asked if I’d like to arrange two new pieces from World of Warcraft. A number of years ago I arranged the piece “Invincible”, and Rosie suggested I add two more pieces to create a suite. As a long time fan of the game and its beautifully immersive score, I immediately said yes. Videri will soon be performing this suite, along with other game arrangements and works by Schubert and Ravel. If you’re in CT, consider attending! You can find out more here.

An earlier 2019 performance:

CityBeat Talks With Composers of “Parallels” Project

Anne Arenstein recently interviewed all composers involved in the “Parallels” project, a set of five commissions by composers from the US and Poland. Two performances will be held – one in Cincinnati, OH, and one in Warsaw, Poland. It was a pleasure corresponding with Ms. Arenstein, as she asked thoughtful questions about my work and my piece, and put together a wonderful article. You can read the article in full here.

“Blood Garnet”, performed by Iowa State University Symphony Orchestra

Happy fall! The blog has been quiet but lots of things are currently in the works for the 2018-2019 season.

I’d love to share a recent performance of my first orchestral work, “Blood Garnet”. I wrote this in between my undergraduate and graduate degrees, and while I am still happy with many of the musical ideas, the orchestration itself is very “First Piece for Orchestra”. There’s nothing like hearing your own human-played orchestral music to show you exactly what did and didn’t work, technically speaking!

Regardless, Thomas Cunningham and the orchestra did a lovely job with the piece, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to hear my own orchestral music live.