I’m bad at this.

Well. It seems that I’m somewhat terrible at updating anything on a regular basis, but I’m trying… Some cool things are coming up! I was just selected by the Treefalls¬†concert series to have my 2010 piano trio, “Trio in Scattered Leaves” performed on their April 24th concert in Spartanburg, SC.

I’m finishing up a piece for double choir (SSA + SATB) as part of a commission for the two top choirs at Santa Monica High School to take on tour to Europe. Wish I could go with them!

In a few weeks, I’ll get to hear a reading of my third orchestra piece, “Glacial Bridges”, performed by CCM’s Philharmonia. The orchestral machine is an intimidating beast for which to write, and being able to hear a live version of your own music is incredibly helpful.

Some past news: the Central Michigan University New Music Ensemble performed my work, “Constant”, at their December concert.

I also arranged some winter pieces from one of my favorite video games, Golden Sun, for my friends in the Videri String Quartet.

I’ll see if I can post something again before another year passes…