Julia Seeholzer is an American composer currently splitting her time between Warsaw, Poland, and Los Angeles, California.

Julia explores narration in her music, shaping timbral spaces around the personal meaning of words. Her vocal works are concerned with engaging with, questioning, and responding to the writers with whom she collaborates, without attempting to speak on their behalf. She is fascinated with the subtle complexities of minimal gestures, and how those can be manipulated over time to form their own narrative bonds within larger structures.

Outside of composition, Julia is heavily involved in the world of video game music. In 2009, she founded the Video Game Music Choir (now PXL8) – an internationally recognized chamber choir that performs video game scores arranged exclusively by and for the group; she directed the group until 2012. Julia often works on arrangements for various projects and collaborations. She regularly works with Videri String Quartet, and has contributed to projects including Harmony of Heroes and Song Cycle: The History of Video Games.